31 Geg 2020
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Today we play Grand Theft Auto 5 Online.
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  • I hope you legends are doing well :) Twitter: Instagram:

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    • youre the legend and stay hydrated

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    • You are Greek my friend

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    • Unhydrated

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  • Your channel has grown so much like damn

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  • 200000000

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  • Bro you are great Christian music channel..!!!...

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  • That is a real life car it's called the lada Riva

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  • Why does dodgey Marto look like he is doing the Michael Jackson gravity thing in the thumbnail

    The GentlemanThe GentlemanPrieš 4 dienas
  • Stealtho martin is a legend

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  • ur mom lmao

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  • everytime when I watch u, I always get 2 adds, and they are: Honey adds and Crossout adds, I think one of them should sponsor your vid once

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  • i will become a politic and make all in game micro transactions illegal and call it the modest pelican movement

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  • I'm from Greece

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  • I got a croods ad, while watching this video for the 20th time because why not- Subscribe to Modest Pelican, any-hoo that's how I know this channel is a Christian channel

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  • i am from greece lol

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  • Bruh this guy is a legend, LETS GET HIM 2 ONE MILL BOISSSS

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  • You always say that you got a tesla in gta but it's a Porsche panamara

    Nikki/Simon BierhofNikki/Simon BierhofPrieš 16 dienų
  • Too modern red dead is just better👏🏼👏🏼

  • You make the game look fun but I couldn’t see myself playing a stupid game like gta😅😅

  • it was real

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  • 0lplp🐩

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  • I love watching all of your content with the big busty teens

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  • why do i enjoy this so much

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  • 1v6 clutch man never played seige in his life

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  • Jesus almost 1 milly! I remember when this dude was just doing battlefield vids. 👏👏👏🕊🕊🕊

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  • What is marto LTworlds channel

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  • You'll hit 1mil before the new year.

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  • there’s kids here

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  • f for slatho simo

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  • These videos keep me hydrated and moist

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  • As someone who's 1/4 Greek and says malaka alot, I can relate

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  • greek

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  • litterally me and my friends in an xbox party

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  • 10:04 ok now that is epic

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  • Become president of your country’s then make it a law for everyone to sub to modest pelican or they will be forced to become a npc fir life and be killed by modest pelican or he can kill them in real life after they are his slave to spread the good word of pelicans channel

  • F 7:56

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  • Ngl watching this video and hearing my name and and over again was a bit of a mind fuck

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  • Only Americans ask what an American accent sounds like

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  • am greek too

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  • Boys Boys Boys

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  • One of the best videos yet if you ask me

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  • Too many live moments

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  • I got W A T E R before the video, you said stay hydrated I subscribed

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  • I Love that Intro so much

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  • I don't know how many times I've watched this video but I'll watch it again.

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  • I've seen enough you get a sub.

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  • I love the voices in the video

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  • Remember me when you hit 1 mil

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  • no your the nr 1 best 1:15

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  • I am getting annoyed bye the intro now

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  • "four dudes with clown masks" sounds very familiar

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  • he sounds like australian mr beast

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  • Hey can anyone let me know the type of red car pelican is using? I like the way the paint looks on that car and I would like to buy it.

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  • f :(

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  • I'm so happyyyyy I completed the casino heist finally!

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  • *Japanese Admiral going down with his Battleship after losing the war* “I’m sure some youtuber in 75 years will relate to this.”

    Bailey SBailey SPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I wonder.. How did you go through the AUS Bushfires?

    Just a random dude Okay?Just a random dude Okay?Prieš 3 mėnesius
  • Fffffffffffffff

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  • "Its going smooth" "Cha-cha,real smooth."

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  • you don't take the money that you get from selling your girlfriend's kidney to the bank to deposit! You spend the money on hookers and crack. You know it's oversights like that that kill the realism in your videos. I mean who the hell puts money in a bank? Other than oversights like that though your your content's pretty pretty all right. Keep it up buddy. 👍👍😉

    Michael FrenchMichael FrenchPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • 4:23 its meant to say sike, not psych

    KaiKaiPrieš 3 mėnesius
  • I love watching this as a level 210 its funny

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  • Gandi 🤣🤣 any Indian?

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  • Four guys, clown mask disguises, robbing a bank... I hope they got a good ‘payday’ from that.

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  • I tried to turn on notifications but it says it’s for kids idk how but maybe it’s a bug

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  • I think stealtho simo is not ghandi, ghandi is cool I think but he wasn’t living in the US of A

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  • Do logs for prisons

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  • It did exist very scary place

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  • Pelican why don’t you have a discord

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  • Wait...what if that is what happens when your in a coma, you are in a gulag

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  • Can you make game play of sige please

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  • Modest pelican like his so us Greeks can remain hydrated

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  • Your so holesome

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